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Our Story

My families brand is this:

 To remind ourselves that we are our own worst critic when, instead, we need to be our own inspiration, and our own hero, to make our life the way we want it.

Once we inspire ourselves to take that step out of fear and into love, then, and only then, can we be an inspiration to anyone else.

Our goal is to be that reminder for ourselves and our Gloryus Family.

We want people to feel good about themselves and in turn make others feel good about themselves.


Spark conversation, open your mind, be you.


Our shirts are your reminder; Change begins with you.

Be that change and see it not only in your life but in the others around you.

Join our Gloryus family and inspire your world.


Hey there, I'm Shelly!

Welcome, I'm so happy your here!

A little about me: I'm a mom, fiancé, full time corporate worker and owner of Gloryus.

I’m also a Mental Health First aider, Podcast host and am in training to become a coach.

I’m exhausted (lol) But I keep going!


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions; Email us at:

I was never one for talking about myself, or writing about myself for that matter,

but figured I'd give it a try, so you know where I come from.


I've created Gloryus to inspire you,

 (and there are a whole lot of ideas rolling around in my head to make this even better) 

but it all started from me being in the same place most people are afraid to say they’re at, ALOUD.


From a dark place of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and over thinking, (like way over).

Being over judgmental of myself and not believing in myself.  At one point there was ZERO self-love. I was overweight, unhappy, and miserable. It was a rough time that started when I was like 5. Kids can be mean; people can be mean. The last thing I needed was to be mean to myself.

It took walking (kind of running actually) away from a mentally and almost physically abusive four year situation, I wouldn't even call it a relationship, for it to finally sink in.

That's when I got out and re-evaluated my life in my new home with my two new jobs, at the time. By the way, I've never had less than two jobs.

I started listening to music that made me want to dance and read books that opened my mind. I also listened to Podcasts and YouTube videos that showed me I really wasn't alone and that I really am in control. I started working out, making new friends, I even went to DJ school in Manhattan, NYC. That was fun!


I've stayed focused on myself and no one else.

What I needed, what I wanted, and how I wanted to feel.

It took just about two years to get in a better place and

then my fiancé happened and then my son.


SO happy! It wasn't easy by any means. There was crying, there was doubt, there were fights (with myself). But here we are in all our Glory. I finally got to the point where I was like, "I'm doing this! I'm starting my own business!" I've always wanted to. I thought, "I want to create something that could be the reminder that I needed when I was on my journey. I want to make people feel good. Those be happy, be strong, “you’ve got this” moments." I looked down and was wearing a shirt my friend had gotten me that said "Don't worry, Be Happy."

We all know the song! It's a great one.

I was driving home from my job and blasting my happy music and that was it, T-Shirts.


Just look down, glance at your sleeve, look in a mirror.






Gloryus was born, I want to make people feel Glorious, for them to know they are not alone. Others have been there, I have been there, and to be completely transparent,

 some days I still am, while others are there now.

I want to build a community of people who get it, who've been there.

The shirts are the reminder you need along the way.

The connections made will last a lifetime.


Welcome to our family. Don't hesitate to reach out. 

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